Episode 5: The EU elections – Talking about Europe's youth with Peter Laugesen

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Peter Laugesen. Photo: Rasmus Degnbol

Peter Laugesen. Photo: Rasmus Degnbol

This is the second of three episodes on the EU ahead of the European Parliament elections on Sunday, May 25. In it, we  speak to Peter Laugesen, a journalist and co-founder the project Our Europe. He and his wife Elena Maria Askløf have spent five years traveling Europe together to talk to young people about their dreams and insecurities. He shares his unique insights into the state of Europe, the reality of life for young people across continent, and why far-right groups that target the young should be listened to.

In the previous episode we set the scene with Maja Kluger Dionigi, a senior researcher at the pro-EU think tank Think Europe. She helps us understand how the European Parliament works, and what the big issues are heading into the election. 

In the next episode it's the turn of Rasmus Munch Søndergaard, a member of the Danish Peoples Party who warns that the biggest threat to peace on the continent is a borderless Europe.