Episode 3: The Climate Election – Voters say climate is their top priority. But can Denmark make a difference?

Danes are worried about the climate. In a poll by Kantar Gallup, 57 percent of Danes responded that the environment is a higher priority to them than immigration. Only 35 percent stated the reverse was the case. So it's not a surprise that parties across the political spectrum have launched climate policies to reduce Denmark's emissions through increased investment in renewable energy and green transport.

But do these policies go far enough? Or are they simply playing up to Denmark's growing climate anxiety?

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We speak to Rasmus Nordqvist, climate spokesperson for Denmark's 'greenest' party The Alternative, on what it's actually going to take to bring down emissions. And activist Kirsten Kværnø from Extinction Rebellion (left) explains why popular movements and civil disobedience are central to generating public support for radical climate policies.

But first we start with Morten Jastrup, a managing partner at consultancy Nordic Sustainability. Jastrup has more than 20 years experience advancing sustainable business, and has a deep understanding of what will – and will not – work to address the 'climate emergency' are being warned of.

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